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The Cedar and the Rose

A man alone on stage.
His voice, surrounded by multiple instruments, is able to stretch smoothly from the baritone to the counter-tenor registers. A fluid sophisticated voice that constantly plays with its own identity, with masculinity and femininity, strength and sweetness, the richness of melisma and pure silence.

A Mediterranean songbook, between tradition and modernity, springing from a deeply personal and emotional logic, pursuing the echo of a single millennial chant, an ancient melody in which the sacred and the profane inextricably merge.
Like in a garden of cedars and roses, tarantellas and love songs from Gargano and Salento (the two extreme parts of the Southern Italian region of Apulia) intertwine with heartbreaking Portuguese fados and sweet Sephardic, Greek and Lebanese melodies, while ancient prayers in Aramaic and Latin mingle with ritual Sufi and orthodox chants.

In the sea of these traditions sails his passionate songwriting, which is strongly influenced from the past and projected into a modern sound. Instruments like the Persian santur, the Indian harmonium, and above all the voice, continuously dialogue with loop machines and ambient effects, revealing new stunning soundscapes.

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