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1. Ille dhuinn stog lem hui
2. I will give my love an apple
3. Black is the colour
4. Buan na rainech
5. Willie o’ winsbury
6. Cruel sister
7. Tell me what is true love
8. Mna na h’eireann
9. Rosemary lane
10. Spencer the rover
11. A maid that’s deep in love
12. As i roved out

Fabrizio Piepoli: voice, guitar, santur, bass, piano
Adolfo La Volpe: irish bouzouki, portuguese guitar, electric guitar, banjo, bowed-banjo, harmonium, cetera corsa, glockenspiel, vocals on #11, loops
Alessandro Pipino: accordion, rhodes, electromechanical piano , musical saw, toys on #4,10
Massimo La Zazzera: tin whistle, guitar
Francesco de palma: zarb, duff, drums, drones, progamming on #8
Halldora: vocals, bell on # 5,8
Donatella Bellomo: vocals on #11

Arranged, recorded, produced by Fabrizio Piepoli

Release Date: 2011

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